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Business Planning – How was 2013 for you?

20 Jan

Business Planning – How was 2013 for you?

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 So, was 2012 a good year for your business? It’s possible your fiscal doesn’t run to the calendar year, but you will probably have the moving annual total at your fingertips. And if you don’t, well you should!  ‘The numbers’ will always tell you the position (up, down, the same), but underneath them, it’s likely there’ll be a whole lot more to be told.

That’s the thing about business. You may look at the numbers and think, “well we did OK in view of the situation”. But this assumption will probably obscure a deeper reality. “Actually we came close to our sales target but didn’t hit plan profit because we couldn’t implement the planned price increase”. Right, so coming into this year you either have to amend the plan for 2013 (and understand and act on the implications) or work on devising more creative solutions.

What I’m saying is that by having a plan, a) you know where you are and b) exactly why that is. Then you can act with insight and creativity going forward. Amazingly many SMEs simply don’t have a plan. In economic conditions such as these they are left wondering what to do and where to go next. No plan means uncertainty and that means trouble, with decisions taken off the cuff and employees scratching their heads and being concerned for their futures. Result: bad karma and bad outlook.

When it comes to planning it’s essential to align the strategy for product or service, people (staff, customers, suppliers) together with the processes that unite them. All the way from the upstream supply chain right through to money (paid invoices) in the bank. While at the same time being sensitive to the opportunities presented by environmental and community best practices.  It sounds like a lot but in reality it’s really straightforward.

So, whatever 2012 was like for you, with a solid and sound plan for 2013, you stand a good chance of raising the bar. I wish you every success for the coming year.

Tony Wightman is Director of Wellwood Consulting, the business and marketing consultancy serving SMEs in Essex and London.

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